Tax Planning

Perhaps the most impactful piece of any financial planning is determining your current and future tax liability and developing strategies to minimize the amount of taxes you pay. Tax planning can also have a large impact on the amount of wealth you will be able to transfer to your legacy.

We start by asking you to provide us with a copy of your last Federal, State and, in some cases, Local income tax returns. Next, we will review your tax returns in an effort to realize your current tax situation. Then, we will interview you to understand your current financial situation, your life goals, your feelings towards taxes and your family dynamics.

Based on the information we gather from you, we will provide to you with any tax reductions strategies that we identify that may apply to your specific financial and tax situation.

Under the direction of William R. Henzey, CPA, CFP®, CFS and Financial Guidance Tax Advisers, our proactive tax planning allows our clients the opportunity to minimize tax burdens and build a solid foundation of tax reduction strategies that can result in years of tax savings. We strive to implement a sound, well-thought-out financial plan, utilizing both tax advantaged and taxable vehicles, to minimize year-to-year tax liabilities and provide the opportunity to maintain your current standard of living now and in the future.

Besides providing personalized tax reduction strategies, we offer:

  • Year-end tax return filing services
  • Roth conversion analysis
  • Form 1040 tax optimization

Tax advice provided by Financial Guidance Tax Advisers, William R. Henzey CPA.