Investment Management

At Financial Guidance Group, we believe no two investors are alike. In order to help each client meet their financial goals, we implement a team-oriented approach to investment management and a client focused culture that is fundamental to our investment process.


We start by asking you to complete our Risk Tolerance Assessment©, twenty-one multiple-choice questions that aid us in understanding the level of risk you are will to take with your investments. Next, we will review all of your current investments, including any retirement savings plans offered through your employer, using comprehensive analysis provided by Morningstar™ in an effort to comprehend what you are currently invested in. Then, we will interview you to understand your current financial situation, your life goals, your feelings toward investing and your family dynamics.


Based on the information we gather from you, we perform an ETHICAL analysis of your investments. Among other things, our analysis will cover:

  1. The expectation you have for current income from your investments,
  2. The level of tolerance of risk you are will to accept when investing,
  3. The time horizon you have for your investments,
  4. The impact your investments will have on your income tax situation,
  5. Any constraints you want to place in choosing a particular investment,
  6. Your attitude toward the level of communication you wish to have between you and us, and
  7. The liquidity you need from your investments.

Upon completion of our analysis, we will present to you our preliminary report outlining, by investment category, what your current investment allocation is and what your investment allocation should be. Included with this report will be a detailed Morningstar™ review of each of your current investments. If applicable, we will provide a breakdown on how much you will have to save each month to reach your financial goals or how much income you should expect from your investments to fund your financial goals. With a comprehensive examination of your current investments, we will be able to tell you how you should adjust your investments from where they are now to where they should be.

If you choose to engage us as your investment adviser, we will provide you with a written investment policy statement outlining the parameters of how your investments are to be allocated. Plus, we make the implementation of your new investment plan simple. We handle the transferring of your accounts to our investment platform and the reallocation of the investments inside those accounts once on our platform. For accounts not held directly with us, such as any retirement savings plans through your employer, we will assist you, step-by-step, in reallocating your accounts into the proper investment choices.

We also make the monitoring of all of your investment accounts easy. Through our Generational Vault, you will be able to see the value of all of your accounts, updated daily. Quarterly, we provide a written comprehensive review and analysis of all of the investment accounts we assist you with. And annually, we insist in meeting with you, face-to face, to review all of your investment accounts, in detail.

*Diversification and asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment loss. Before investing, you should carefully read the applicable volatility disclosure for each of the underlying funds, which can be found in the current prospectus.

Investment advice is provided by Financial Guidance Investment Advisers Inc.