Retirement and Legacy Planning

We believe that your income plan in retirement should be even more trustworthy than your income plan during your working years. Just as there are strategies for accumulation, there are also strategies for properly distributing your assets in retirement and beyond.


We work with you to determine your retirement income needs, recognize your income sources and identify the most efficient and effective ways to fill your income gap.

In addition, we work to understand your legacy priorities. There comes a time when you begin to understand and appreciate the vulnerability of life. At this time, your desire to live a life of significance and to leave a meaningful legacy grows. Through legacy planning, you determine what you want your legacy to be. You discover how to best use your talent, time and money to benefit those whom you love and the causes you believe in.

Our firm takes pride in providing comprehensive planning services to our clients. We review our clients’ wills, estate plan and trusts, taxes and insurance. Our services integrate all aspects of our client’s financial picture in a coordinated effort to provide clarity and multi-generational wealth.

And our comprehensive services include:

  • Beneficiary review
  • Analysis of present and futures expenses
  • Estate preservation

Just imagine a complete plan, where all your financial, tax and estate planning needs are addressed. We have found that many financial services professionals focus on a product. We, at the Financial Guidance Group, define comprehensive financial planning as a process, not a product.